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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Closing down

Reluctantly, I've decided to discontinue Potluck with Judy. I'm running dry on new recipes, and I don't always post on Sundays. Rest assured I maintain my deep interested in food writing and food, but this just seems right at this time.
Let me leave you with one recipe that may or may not be grand--I'll report on Judy's Stew after supper tonight. This is stolen straight from Houston author Babette Hale who posted on Facebook about it.
She shucked, rinsed and quartered four or five tomatillos, added onion, garlic, and check breasts. Simmered this in chicken broth until the chicken was done and the vegetables mushy. Removed the chicken and blended the rest with an immersion blended. Put the chicken back, reheated it, and ladled over half a flour tortilla. Folded the tortilla over and topped with more sauce.
Of course with a recipe like that, I ran into problems--I guess I used too much broth but I had soup, so I ladled off two cups without meat or vegetables. Fished out the chicken and put the resin the food processor, hoping the vegetables would solidify it a bit. Still soup
Couldn't find cornstarch, was about to mix flour with broth when I had a happy thought. Made a roux of some of the liquid and stirred it in. It's still thin, but I'll be serving it tonight with grilled baby zucchini. Fingers are crossed.
Happy cooking and please keep on reading Judy's Stew-- My primary blog started, at the suggestion of Jamie's wife,  Melanie, as a mix of the elements of my life--writing, grandmothering, and cooking. It will return to its roots, and I know there will be recipes from time to time. Thanks for cooking with me.